Lucky for Life

Game Details

Luck that lasts a lifetime

Draw Days: Monday & Thursday

Luck is what you make of it. You could have a lucky penny, a four leaf clover, or a lucky horseshoe. But imagine being lucky for your entire life.

The jackpot prize in Lucky for Life is $1,000 a DAY, every day, for the rest of your life!

  1. InstaPlay Step 1

    Lucky for Life tickets can be purchase from a checkout counter, a vending machine or most Idaho Lottery retailers. Click here to find the closest one to you.

  2. Lucky For Life Step 2

    Each game costs $2. The easiest way to play Lucky for Life is to just ask for a Quick Pick. To choose your own numbers, download the myPlayslip app for Android or iOS, or pick up a Lucky for Life playslip at any Idaho Lottery retail location.

    For each game, pick 5 “white numbers” from 1 to 48, and one Lucky Ball number from 1 to 18.

  3. Lucky for Life Step 3

    You can play the same numbers for up to 10 consecutive draws.

    Drawings are held every Monday and Thursday night at 8:35 PM MT.

  4. Lucky for Life Step 4

    Redeem any prizes won, under $599, at any Idaho Lottery retailer.

    Any prize won $600 and over, can be redeemed at the Lottery headquarters, in person or via mail. Click here for details on how to claim these prizes.

Participating lotteries

Lucky For Life™
wwwwwLucky Ball
$7,000 A WEEK FOR LIFE* ‡ 1:30,821,472
$25,000 a year for life* ‡ 1:1,813,028
$5,000* 1:143,356
$200 1:8,433
$150 1:3,413
$20 1:201
$25 1:250
$3 1:15
$6 1:50
$4 1:32


* In cases of multiple prize winners, prize amounts may be split. See prize limits quick reference tablein the official rules


‡ 20 year minimum. Certain "for life" prize limitations may apply, and cash option may be available.