Wild Thing

Game Details

Wild Thing, we think we love you! Playing Wild Thing the PullTabs game is an exciting wild time for a $1 for game. The Wild Thing symbol is truly wild and can represent any of the other symbols to help you win, up to the top prize of $300. Players break open each winning line. Players can win by revealing three like winning symbols in a line, column, or diagonal. The winning combination determines the amount a player wins! If you match two symbols and a Wild Thing symbol, you win the prize for the two symbols. If you match three WILD THING symbols, look out, you've just won the Wild Thing top prize of $300!

  1. Pull Tab step 1

    PullTab games are limited to social establishments, primarily bars, bowling centers, restaurants, and taverns. Click here to find PullTab in your area.

  2. Pull the tab on the back of the ticket. Match 3 winning symbols for your chance to win up to $300.

  3. Prizes must be claimed by close of business on the day of sale at the place of sale.