Game Details

Want to play a game where everybody knows your name? CHEERS allows you to play along with your favorite characters as you drain bar mugs to reveal hidden symbols for a chance to win up to $10,000.

Players have two rounds in which to tap a series of mugs. Each mug will reveal two symbols or initiate a BONUS for a chance to win additional prizes. Every symbol earned will light up in the Prize Legend so players can track their progress throughout the game. Match three symbols in any row and win the prize for that symbol!

  1. TAP Scratch Step 1

    TAP Scratch can be found on existing Play Centers, but limited to age controlled establishments, primarily bars and taverns. Click here to find TAP Scratch in your area.

  2. Cheers step 2

    To begin, press PLAY.

    Tap each mug to reveal two symbols each.

    If your mugs reveal three matching symbols you win the prize for that row – up to $10,000.

    If your mug reveals a BONUS symbol it will remain in the mug until the end of your current round.

    During the BONUS round (if initiated) you will choose 3 out of 5 bubbles to reveal additional prizes.

  3. TAP Scratch Step 3

    When you are done playing, tap “I’m done” to print out your credit voucher.

  4. TAP Scratch step 4

    Redeem any prizes won, under $599, at any Idaho Lottery retailer.
    Any prize won $600 and over, can be redeemed at the Lottery headquarters, in person or via mail. Click here for details on how to claim these prizes.

Prize Amount Odds
$10,000 1:165,000
$100 1:2,640
$42 1:33,000
$30 1:600
$16 1:1,320
$12 1:84
$10 1:138
$8 1:39
$6 1:66
$4 1:11
$2 1:13
Free Play 1:6