Idaho Outdoors

Game Details

Win up to $5,000

Idaho is an outdoors state, with big mountains and big rivers. From the snow-capped Sawtooths to the lush green Selkirks, Idaho’s outdoors is unparalleled for fly fishing, hunting, camping, and world class white water.

Idaho Outdoors, the Tap Scratch Game, lets players go fishing and hunting without going outside. And they can win big cash prizes while playing. Once the player sees the main screen, they need to make a decision that’s made by thousands of Idahoans all the time – should I fish or hunt? The game’s graphics continue with the chosen them as players take aim or catch fish. The basic theme of the game is a high-low card game. In hunting, players “take aim” and fire shots to deal additional cards. When your card is higher than the tracking cards, you win that prize. In the bonus feature, players hunt ducks to multiply their winnings. In fishing, players try to have a higher card than the fishing hole card. In the bonus feature, you tap a tackle box to reveal you prize multiplier.

Hunting and fishing are synonymous in Idaho with the great outdoors. Play Idaho Outdoors today and you could win up to $5,000.

  1. TAP Scratch Step 1

    TAP Scratch can be found on existing Play Centers, but limited to age controlled establishments, primarily bars and taverns. Click here to find TAP Scratch in your area.

  2. Idaho Outdoors step 2

    Select Game Theme. Select Hi or Lo, Then select play to start the game. The play amount will be deducted from the balance and three tracking cards will be dealt.

  3. Idaho Outdoors step 3

    Tap the aim cards deck to deal each of your cards or touch reveal all to deal all 3 cards instantly. If your card is lower or higher than the card above it as previously selected, win the prize shown.

  4. Win on a duck hunt bonus card and a bonus round begins. Tap 1 of the 3 ducks for a chance to multiply your prize up to 5X.

  5. TAP Scratch step 4

    Redeem any prizes won, under $599, at any Idaho Lottery retailer.
    Any prize won $600 and over, can be redeemed at the Lottery headquarters, in person or via mail. Click here for details on how to claim these prizes.

Prize Amount Odds
$5,000 1:120,000
$3,000 1:240,000
$2,000 1:240,000
$1,000 1:240,000
$600 1:240,000
$400 1:240,000
$220 1:240,000
$204 1:240,000
$200 1:48,000
$100 1:48,000
$60 1:48,000
$44 1:240,000
$40 1:9,600
$28 1:48,000
$25 1:24,000
$24 1:24,000
$22 1:24,000
$21 1:24,000
$20 1:320
$12 1:1,600
$10 1:300
$8 1:1,600
$7 1:1,600
$6 1:1,600
$5 1:480
$4 1:40
$3 1:48
$2 1:12
$1 1:6
Free Play 1:1.44